Enjoy our vaunted kaiseki-style banquet cuisine made specifically with seasonal ingredients. All guest rooms (15 in total) are floored with tatami mats, and feature traditional shoinzukuri-style architecture, which creates an atmosphere befitting such a long standing inn with130 years of history. We provide a variety of bathing areas such as a hinoki cypress and stone bath and an outdoor bath completed in 2012.

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From Tokyo Station, take the Nagano Shinkansen for approx. 1 hour 15 min to Ueda Station. There, change trains, and take the Ueda Kotsu Bessho Line approx. 25 min to Bessho Onsen Station. Access to Kashiwaya Honten from Bessho Onsen Station. ・The “Kurutto” Shuttle Bus (Operates in conjunction with trains arriving between 14:13 ~17:35) These courtesy buses, which depart from Bessho Onsen Station, are operated by the Ryokan Association. Please be sure to use these buses as they stop at each ryokan (Japanese-style inn). *A driver holding a “Kurutto Bus” placard will be waiting at the ticket gate. (Bus stop: Get off at the Bessho Onsen Station platform. It’s in the parking lot directly to your left.) ・Pick-up from the inn (When shuttle bus is not in operation) We will come to the station to pick you up. Please contact us at 0268-38-3011


Kashiwaya Honten in Bessho Onsen, the inn next to Kitamuki Kannon Temple 1654 Bessho Onsen, Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture, TEL: 0268-38-3011, FAX: 0268-38-3772 Access: A free shuttle bus operates from Bessho Onsen Station on the Ueda Kotsu Line


We kept an eye on comfortableness in our building, which is alive with the spirit of Japan, Please take your time and relax, wrapped in an atmosphere of tatami mats, shoji screens and refreshing seasonal scenes.


Here in the ancient hot spring region of “Bessho Onsen,” please enjoy to your heart’s content the natural hot spring waters, and relish each of the flavorful hot springs.


To your heart's content a number of dishes that were cordially Please enjoy.


Tenderness of wood building is has decided to cherish the natural comfort and taste to adapt to the heart.